2011/12: FA Cup 6th Round

Tragedy, disaster – words too easily and oft banded about by the football media, managers, players and fans alike on the occasion of a single mistake, in connection with a single match or perhaps when reflecting on a season. Every now and again an event happens within the football world that does truly justifies their use.

This weekend, the FA Cup Sixth Round should have been remembered for the matches played – from the rousing atmosphere at Goodison Park as Everton and Sunderland played out a draw, to a brace for Torres at Stamford Bridge as Chelsea brushed aside Leicester, via Anfield and a Liverpool team chasing a domestic Cup double after victory over Stoke. Instead, the abiding image will be that of Fabrice Muamba surrounded by paramedics at White Hart Lane as they batted to save the young Bolton players life.

All we can hope is that Fabrice Muamba pulls through. For now the only fight that matters is not about Bolton making it through the FA Cup, or battling against relegation, but simply sustaining the greatest prize there is – staying alive.