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There’s Only One F in Fulham

The website is the internet arm of the award winning Fulham Football Club (FFC) fanzine. Below is brief outline of the history and background of the publication as detailed on the TOOFIF website.

TOOFIF is a football fanzine, produced specifically, but not exclusively, for the ardent followers of Fulham Football Club. It is published in the form of a printed magazine which appears at best every 4 weeks during the football season. The full title is ‘There’s only one F in Fulham’ but that’s a bit of a mouthful, hence the use of the acronym TOOFIF. The title is a hark back to the raucous chant by Fulham fans at Anfield when 10-0 down to Liverpool in a League Cup tie in 1986.

The fanzine initially set out as a sort of footballing “Private Eye” with the emphasis on stupid haircuts, ugly players, best/worst teams, dreams, nostalgia and some serious bits. However, TOOFIF became more hard-hitting as problems with Craven Cottage came to a head. When, as part of a deal, the Club agreed to be gagged by property developers eager to build on the site, the fanzine became the main channel of information. In the ensuing years, prime reasons have been to support the “Fulham 2000” campaign to regain the Cottage freehold and reinforce the “Back to the Cottage” message while we were at Loftus Road. In short, when the need has arisen, TOOFIF has aimed to keep supporters informed and thereby able to debate the issues of the day.

The website can be found at: