A League of Our Own: The Cymru Premier Story 1992-93 to 2022-23 by Mark Langshaw

A League of Our Own is the first book to tell the remarkable story of the establishment and 30-year history of the League of Wales, which was rebranded as the Welsh Premier League in 2010 and the Cymru Premier in 2019.

The League of Wales kicked-off its inaugural season in 1992 in a state of triumph and trepidation. Establishing the league was a huge step forward for Welsh club football, but with the country’s 11 biggest clubs – including the ‘Irate Eight’ – refusing to take part, it was also a time of court cases, friction and distrust between the governing body and many of its member clubs.

Meticulously researched and written by freelance football journalist Mark Langshaw, The Cymru Premier Story contains over 90 illustrations, final league tables for every season and appendices that detail the league’s most successful clubs, top scorers, average attendances, and European representatives. It also features over 20 exclusive interviews with many of the key characters who played significant roles in the formation and development of the competition.

(Publisher: St David’s Press. November 2023. Paperback: 290 pages)


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