How much do you really know about West Ham United?

Put your Hammers knowledge to the test with this bumper book of brainteaser quizzes and fascinating facts, beautifully illustrated by one of the world’s leading sports artists.

It’s packed with trivia on all the West Ham greats – from World Cup heroes Moore, Hurst and Peters to Hammers legends Bonds, Brooking and beyond – providing hours of highly dippable fun and entertainment.

Which West Ham manager played in a rock band called Rawbau? Who was West Ham’s first non-British manager? A statue erected near the Boleyn Ground, honouring the Hammers’ 1966 World Cup heroes, also includes which Everton player? Fan favourite Clyde Best was born in which country?

Trivquiz West Ham United holds the answers to all these questions and hundreds more.

(Publisher: Pitch Publishing Ltd. February 2022. Paperback: 224 pages)

Book Review: Football for Brains! by Steven End

The lockdown during COVID saw people turn to various activities whilst at home. For Steven End it provided the opportunity to produce a book, prompted by the loss of a relative to dementia and the increasing cases in the football world, called Football for Brains! The title reflecting that this is predominantly a quiz book of football questions to get the grey matter ticking, and additionally that the author is making donation to The Scores Project (details below) looking into dementia at the University of East Anglia.

It is not End’s first writing venture, having independently published the Ups and Downs of Ipswich Town in December 1997. This latest offering though whilst dominated by over 700 football quiz questions (741 to be precise), there are also some very short articles on the following, Collecting Cards and Stickers, A diary of a memorabilia Collector, Football Programme Reviews, eBay news and views before and during lockdown, Football in Lockdown, Promotion Winning Canaries, and Family Footie between lockdowns.

Like any good quizzer will know, the questions are only easy if you know the answer! To give you an indication of the type of questions there are in this book, here are the first and last questions.

(1) Everton beat Liverpool 2-0 in the Premier League on 20th February 2021. Can you remember the last time Everton overcame Liverpool in the Premier League?

(741) Brett Emerson played internationally for which country?

The questions vary in style, so there are some anagrams, some multiple choice, some true or false and as above just straight questions, which take in non-league players, managers and teams all the way through to the international game.

It would perhaps have been good to have sections within the questions so that for instance, readers would be presented with a set of questions on stadiums and grounds, another on players and so on. However, this is a book that will be ideal for those away days sat on a train or in the car as fans travel to games or for those having a few pre-match drinks.

As detailed above, a donation from the sale of each book goes to The Scores Project which is an independent research study designed to better understand the cognitive health of athletes as they age. Their current focus is on former professional footballers and studying links between dementia, head injuries and heading the ball.

(Independently published. April 2021. Paperback: 100 pages)


The Ultimate Spurs Quiz Book: 1,250 Questions Covering the 80s, 90s and 2000s by Chris Cowlin

Are you a Spurs fan? Have you followed the team’s progress through good times and bad? Would you like to test your memory of the people and places that have shaped the club through the 80s, 90s and 2000s?

If Tottenham Hotspur is the team you support, you are certain to want to have a go at the 1,250 questions in The Ultimate Spurs Quiz Book.

Who was the first ever foreign manager of Tottenham? Which London rivals did Spurs beat in the 1991 FA Cup semi-final at Wembley? How many League goals did Tim Sherwood score for Spurs in his football career?

The answers to these questions and more can all be found inside this bumper quiz book all about your favourite team.

With a foreword by life-long Spurs supporter, Chas Hodges, this book contains questions on all the memorable players, managers, goal-scorers and opponents that have been a part of the Tottenham story over the past 30 years. Packed full of fascinating facts, this book will appeal to football fans of all ages, from the young in years to the young at heart.

The West Ham United Quiz Book: 1,000 Questions on the Hammers by Chris Cowlin

Now is the time to find out how much you West Ham United fans really know, but be warned your brains are sure to take a hammering as you struggle to answer the 1,000 challenging questions in this quiz book, covering every aspect of the teams history, such as players, managers, opponents, scores, transfers, nationalities and every competition you can think of.

You will be arguing with the referee and pleading for extra time as the questions spark recollections and ardent discussions of the legendary greats and nail-biting matches that have shaped the club over the years.

With a fitting foreword by Hammers legend Julian Dicks, and bulging with important facts and figures, this book will entertain as well as educate, but be prepared for a few fouls and yellow cards along the way.

The Leeds Quiz Book: 1,000 Questions Covering the Club’s History by Chris Cowlin and Kevin Shelgrove

Calling all Leeds United fans. How much do you really know about The Whites?

Well, now you can test your knowledge of your favourite football team with the 1,000 challenging questions in The Leeds Quiz Book.

Bulging with fascinating facts on all aspects of the club including players, opponents, transfers, nationalities, managers and matches as well as the wins and losses that have helped to shape this Yorkshire side, this book is sure to score a hit with Leeds fans of all ages.

The book aims to entertain and educate in equal measure and is sure to reawaken memories of the people and places that have made up The Whites long history, but watch out for any fouls along the way!

This tribute to Leeds United Football Club is a must have for all of the team s supporters but is equally certain to score a hit with anyone who has a keen interest in the beautiful game.

The Gooners Quiz Book: 1,000 Questions on the North London Giants by Chris Cowlin

Will you do the Gooners proud as you display an impressive knowledge of your favourite club, Arsenal, or will you instead prove yourself to be a complete goon, as you trip over your own feet in search of the answers to the 1,000 cunning questions in this quiz book?

Covering every aspect of the club’s history from players to managers and from national to international competitions since its foundation over a century ago, and with a fitting foreword by former Scotland and Arsenal goalkeeping legend and TV presenter, Bob Wilson, this book will challenge Gooners fans of all ages as well as providing fascinating facts and figures both to enthral and to trigger fond memories and ardent discussions.