21 June 2010 – Day 11

Could be quite a painful week, today is just the calm before the storm. Tuesday a budget that will leave us all worse off and then the trauma of Wednesday and what England will treat us to against Slovenia. I can’t wait.

Already the excuses are being lined up, with the BBC reporting that Mr Capello would quit if England fail to qualify for the last 16. Hasn’t he just signed a 4 year deal? When the Capello era started the players were unanimous in their public support of the  no-nonsense, disciplined style of their new manager. All through qualifying no one questioned this approach. Funny then that as soon as the results in the opening games have not gone as planned, the same players now say that the management style is seen as restrictive, heavy handed and over bearing. It appears that John Terry has the answer, the players just need a couple of beers and it will all be sorted. The way they played Friday they’ll need to go on a drinking binge till Wednesday to put it right…….

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