24 June 2010 – Day 14

“…Que sera sera, what ever will be will be, we’re into the last 16, que sera, sera…”

 Credit where credit is due. The pressure was on the England team and the management and they came through it. It was a much improved performance and was achieved without too many heart in the mouth moments. Although I wonder what would have been said if the attempt at a block by John Terry (where he looked like a goldfish after falling out of his bowl), had spiraled off his head for an own goal. “Made in Leeds” Milner came up with some fantastic crosses and the shin of Defoe did the rest for our only goal.

So the flags and enthusiasm continues around the country until Sunday at least. All I ask that there is a balance of reality against expectation in the days leading up to the game. Speculating about football is like all sports, it’s about head and heart feelings. Having watched the Germans in action in their three games, my head tells me that they are a good side who will beat England. However, if we applied such logic as a fan, we’d never turn up to games if we didn’t dream or hope in our heart that our side can win. What I’m trying to say is that the result for the Algeria game was seen as the end of the world, just as yesterdays result is hyped up to be world class. Football punditry has meant everything is over analysed and is seen in a scale that is only either calamitous or magnificent. If England are good enough on the day to win, I’ll be as pleased as anybody and if we get beat, and it was by a better team, then let’s say it.

Finally, commiserations to Slovenia, Algeria and my sweepstake team Serbia on their exit from the World Cup. As for Australia, what a fantastic few days. Beaten by England on their own soil at Rugby Union, lost to England at cricket in the 1st One Day International and out of the World Cup. What was that you said Harry Kewell? Can’t wait to play England in the last 16?

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