29 June 2010 – Day 19

Yesterdays predictions as predictable as they were (Netherlands and Brazil) came to pass – 5 out of 6. I don’t need to tell you who let me down do I? The Netherlands have crept under the radar so far, with the biggest Dutch story to date being that involving the orange clad ladies who attempted an “alleged” promotion for a non-official beer. The Dutch could be a bit of an outside bet this year, but have to come up against Brazil in the Quarter Finals. The Brazil game was a bit of a curious one in that both Chile and Brazil were very robust, but there was a some sublime skill. I did enjoy the game and didn’t recognise it as being the same sport that I witnessed on Sunday afternoon. Today will see the last two Quarter Finalists emerge. There hasn’t been any penalties to date, so is today the day? Two very tight looking fixtures. Possibly risky, but going to go with Japan to overcome Paraguay and Portugal over Spain. One or both of these games to go to penalties.

Given this time of year and the exam season is in full swing, here’s a little test for your all. First your questions:

(1) If you go to work in a country that has a different language and it is not the language of your birth, does this make communication and the ability to express yourself difficult?

(2) Apart from the land you are born in and grow up in, can you understand what it means to be a citizen of another, understand their ways and feel patriotic about that country?

(3) You are losing in a crucial game and need to make a change quickly. Would you simply make a straight swap of a nimble quick footed striker and replace him with one who has not got a great strike rate?

Secondly your essay question:

(1) Players from other competing nations at the World represented a Premier League side that played 60+ games in the season just gone. None of them have so far complained about tiredness. Discuss.

Answers to The FA please……………

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