02 July 2010 – Day 22

A return to action on the pitch and two days which see the Quarter Finals being played out. It is possible that South America could provide all the Semi Finalists, a feat that the continent has never achieved to date. Europe on the other hand has supplied all four Semi Finalists on four occasions (1934, 1966, 1982 and 2006).

I don’t see South America achieving it this time round. For me Brazil will edge out the Netherlands, who are showing signs of reverting to type this week after a fall-out in the squad between Arsenal striker Robin van Persie and midfielder Wesley Sneijder. Africa’s last hope Ghana will battle bravely, but will succumb to the forward talent of Uruguay.

This leads us to Argentina and Germany, which could turn out to be as spicy as the aftermath of the 2006 World Cup meeting – remember the melee after Germany’s victory on penalties? Well four years later the insults and mind games are starting to be cranked up. I don’t mind admitting I do enjoy the odd game each year where it all gets a bit tasty on the pitch. This could be the THAT game of the 2010 World Cup. Don’t forget, this game has got a bit of history. In the 1986 Final with 16 minutes to  go and Argentina 2-0 to the good, the game looked over. However, West Germany scored two in 6 minutes and with 10 minutes remaining, suddenly it was game on.  There was to be no fairytale comeback for West Germany as Argentina scored in the 83rd minute to win 3-2. Four years later we were treated to the same Finalists, in what has been described as the most cynical and low quality Final ever. West Germany won with a penalty 5 minutes from the end of a truly terrible game.  Don’t forget to tune in on Saturday! Argentina to win through though.

So letting down South America will be Paraguay, in what I see as a game too far and Spain at last playing to their potential.

South America 3 Europe 1?

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