04 July 2010 – Day 24

Half time in the Mystic Hatt Quarter Finals predictions showed Europe 1 South America 1, my 3-1 punt was still on, but would now require Argentina and Paraguay to win. 

Armed with nothing stronger than a mug of coffee I settled down yesterday afternoon to the game from Cape Town. I’d not had chance to blow gently on my chosen beverage to cool it down, before the Germans were one up. You can but only admire the Germans. It was a master-ausstellung in discipline, tactical success and breakaway finishing. As I watched I found myself applauding the second, third and fourth goals. Simply clinical. A team without big names showing unity and emphasing that Germany should never be dismissed in any tournament.

In the evening, I was unsure what to expect after the drama of the three previous Quarter Finals, but was for the most part disappointed by the war of attrition that was Spain v Paraguay. With an hour gone though and my mind turning to the serious prospect of switching to watch something else, a mini penalty shootout ensued. It kept me watching to the end and saw Spain edge through with a late Villa goal.

With the Semi Final places all booked and Argentina and Brazil not part of that last four, the procession of players that were supposed to shine are left simply to only collect earlier than expected air miles rather than medals. Coaches too depart not only from the competition but their job, with greater regularity than National Express.

Full time Europe 3 South America 1

Seems that my crystal ball is an unreliable as a Jabulani……….

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