09 July 2010 – Day 29

Somewhere in the respective camps of Germany and Uruguay there must be some players who have that “end of holiday” feeling. You know the sensation. You ask yourself how can the time have gone so quickly, it only seems like yesterday that you arrived, all full of excitement, raring to go. There’s only a day left and then you fly back home tomorrow, back to routine. You’ve got one more night out, but it will be a bit of an effort, you feel so flat and all you want to do now is get back home to your own bed and your home comforts. To cap it all that dream of a holiday romance never came to fruition. Oh well, there’s always next time.

Meanwhile across town, some of the players of Spain and the Netherlands may be feeling like they have been on a residential course. That feeling when you are miles from home, but are determined to do your best. You do all the pre-course preparation, you feel ready, you don’t want to mess this chance up. Your company has faith in you, that’s why you are here, you’ve earned it, you deserve it. You’ve come through all the tests they’ve put in front of your so far. There’s just the final exam to take. You didn’t come all this way to not be the best. You want to be top of the class, you want that respect. Second place is simply not an option. It’s now all about you nerves on the day, is there one more performance left? What does fate have in store for you? What is your destiny? Hero or villain? Victor or vanquished?

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