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The dribbling code website is best summed up by its tag-line, “…West Yorkshire based Non-League Football Blog…”  This well set out site provides a series of posts which record the authors travels around the West Yorkshire Non-League scene – covering an A to Z of clubs, from Altofts FC to Wakefield FC via Liversedge FC (and many others). Each game featured has a number of excellent photographs, as well as match details, ground directions, programme and admission costs and notes of events both on and off the pitch. All useful for those wishing to know more about the non-league match day experience.

The authors motivation for the site is, “…equal parts self-indulgence and something of interest to the non-league ground-hoppers – this is an attempt to catalogue some of my own experiences, and hopefully encourage more grass roots football attending along the way…”

In describing themselves, the author sees himself as, “…something of a refugee and recent convert to non-league, having grown increasingly disillusioned with what was on offer both on and off the pitch at the higher levels. I do still attend a fair few league games – I have irreversible emotional ties to the club I’ve been attached to since I was a small boy, plus I’m intending to eventually get round all 92 grounds. However, I find myself increasing drawn to the non-league matchday experience instead…”.

Like many other regulars to non-league games, the author feels drawn to football outside the top 92 clubs because in his words: 

  • It’s better value for money
  • You’re not in any danger of getting treated like part of a police training exercise
  • Everyone’s involved because they enjoy it, which tends to make things a lot friendlier (sometimes you really do feel like you’ve been invited round to someone’s house for the afternoon, rather than turned up in enemy territory about to do battle)
  • You feel like you’re contributing to essential grassroots football on a wider scale, rather than a small pool of unnecessary bank balances
  • Once in the ground, you can do pretty much as you please.
  • Oh, and (whisper), the entertainment on the pitch is often better too…”


Visit this site and also your local non-league team – you will be glad you did.

The website can be found @

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