UEFA 2012 European Championship: Day 15

Friday 22 June 2012


Czech Republic (0) 0 – 1 (0) Portugal

Strange one this, didn’t really get enthused at all during the ninety minutes watching this one. Portugal had more intent about them and went looking for the win. Were the Czech Republic just happy to sit back, defend and hit Portugal on the break or were the Portuguese so dominant that they denied the Czech’s possession? If the Czech Republic had hoped to counter attack then they needed to break quickly and commit numbers when the had the chance, but they never did. Instead I was left with the impression that they were just happy to have made the Quarter-Final and that it was then merely a matter of damage limitation. Ronaldo (loathe him or hate him) had another influential game, and the highlight of the first-half was watching him become increasingly frustrated after having goal attempts saved or hitting the post. Into the second-half Portugal continued to dominate and Ronaldo repeatedly gestured to the heavens as his side failed to make the breakthrough. However, with thoughts turning to the prospect of extra-time and penalties, on seventy nine minutes Ronaldo scored from a Joao Moutinho cross. The goal didn’t bring a response from the Czech Republic and they departed the competition with a whimper rather than a bang. Portugal through and with Ronaldo in good form, are a dangerous opponent at the minute.

In the second Quarter-Final tonight, Germany and Greece meet in Gdansk.  West Germany did take on Greece at Euro 1980 in Turin, when the game ended 0-0. A unified Germany has never played Greece. Germany are the favourites for many people to take the title this year, so logic says Greece won’t pose any threat to the Germans progression to the Final? Euro 2004…no way history can repeat itself? Surely not?

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