DEADLINE by Erkut Sogut

As transfer deadline day looms, Ander Anaia is about to make the deal of a lifetime. All that stands in his way is a rival agent. Or so he thinks.

The Table, a secret cabal of super agents involved in ‘off-pitch’ criminal activities, have other ideas. And they’ve kidnapped his daughter Joska as collateral.

David Miller is about to make his first serious deal. A deal that would bring Ander’s world crashing down around him. Now Ander must do everything in his power to stop him. Or risk losing his daughter – and the deal.

(Publisher: CA Publishing House Ltd. February 2022. Paperback: 291 pages)

FBR Copyright 20214 All rights reserved.

Posted February 21, 2022 by Editor in category "Book Shelf


  1. By Jamie Khan on

    A fascinating and insightful book portrayed through a brilliant thriller. Would recommend


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