Kits are cultural touchstones that tell us more about our club, ourselves and the beautiful game’s custodians than we often realise.

The colours, crests, designs and prices show what makes the game – and us – tick. Kit and Caboodle searches out the stories that our shirts tell us about our support and the society we accept or try to rebel against.

The book alternates short, shirt stories with a deeper dive into themes of ethics, philanthropy and dumb decision making.

We listen to MP Tracey Crouch as she tells us about her Fan Led Review and how shirts show the progress being made to a more equitable football ecosystem.

Shirts also illustrate the rise and mutation of gambling from pools to NFTs and cryptocurrencies, attitudes to the LGBTQ+ community, how clubs like St Pauli are determined to be driven by their values and why Messi’s transfer to PSG Qatar can never be financed by shirt sales.

Unlike anything else we wear, our club shirts envelop us in the history of our team and give us a hint of the future.

(Publisher: Pitch Publishing Ltd. September 2022. Hardcover: 224 pages)

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