13 June 2010 – Day 3

The morning after the night before. As England awakes this morning and shakes off its hangover, Mr Capello is left with a headache centred on the conundrum of the goalkeeping position. The papers and TV will analyse what happened for ever and a day until the next England game, with typical English media hysteria. Let’s have some reality about the situation.

England would have won the game but for that mistake. Overall we created enough chances to win. There are two games to go – win both and we progress. A draw whilst disappointing is not the end of the World.

When do England ever do anything the easy way?  A rollercoaster month no doubt awaits.

Three games to feast on today starting with England’s other Group opponents (Algeria and Slovenia), the clash of Germany and Australia and my pick of the day Serbia and Ghana! That’s only because Serbia are my Office Sweepstake team.

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