Book Review: Alfie Jones and the Missing Link by David Fuller

This is the third instalment in the series following on from, Alfie Jones and a change of fortune and Alfie Jones and a test of character.

It finds Alfie going to watch his first ‘live’ game at Kingsway United. His excitement and enjoyment of the occasion is disturbed though when arch-rival Jasper Johnson appears on the pitch at half-time. Jasper has become part of the Kingsway United Academy team and Alfie is more than curious as to how his nemesis has come to be selected amongst this select group of players.

Alfie sets out to discover how this has happened and the mystery deepens when the fortune teller, Madam Zola, leaves him with a business card. The solving of this puzzle provides the main thread for the book and it is an engaging storyline which not only looks at youth football, but the professional game.

As with the previous two books, author David Fuller uses his background as football coach to provide a story which has fair play, teamwork, honesty and integrity at the heart of it. His use of introducing descriptions of the training drills and game skills is a good little device in getting across to readers these hints and tips in a fun way.

This book will undoubtedly appeal to children interested in football, but has a strong plot and engaging characters that will ensure it will be enjoyed by a wider audience. Once more the combination of mystery, magic and football is another winning one for David Fuller and Alfie Jones.

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