Book Review: Alfie Jones and a crisis of confidence by David Fuller

This is the sixth instalment from the Alfie Jones series which sees the central character dealing with issues related to football, his friends and school life.

Once again author David Fuller understands the pressures affecting youngsters growing up in a world which seems to be increasingly demanding day-by-day. In a football context Alfie and his friend Billy face the trauma of whether they will be kept on at their respective Academy’s and the implications this can have on young boys whose only dream at that age is to be a professional footballer.

Once boys and girls start to approach the teens, they have to deal with all that this period of change in their life brings, which as David Fuller explores in this book includes the ideas of uncertainty, trust and lack of confidence, about themselves, their friends and indeed their family.

As ever, the author has been able to take serious issues and provide a storyline which seeks to gives readers an idea of the emotional impact in a way they can understand, without being condescending.

What will be interesting to see, is how the teenage Alfie develops and how he copes with his life as the distractions and hormones that kick-in with adolescence, impact on his football, friends and family.


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Book Review: Alfie Jones and the big decision by David Fuller

This fifth instalment in the Alfie Jones series finds the central character now aged 12 and starting life at Tideway Secondary School.

As with all the series so far, author David Fuller successfully ensures that each book has a strong storyline in its own right, but also has continuity in terms of backstory and characters such as the magically mysterious Madam Zola and Alfie’s archenemy Jasper Johnson, for those who have read the previous books.

Alfie continues to pursue his dream of being a professional football and in this book is hoping to breakthrough into a professional club’s academy which is the central theme of the story.

In addition, there are other plotlines involving Jasper Johnson and Daisy Saunders, a girl who takes a shine to Alfie.

There is, as ever, more to these books that simply football and the author is able to use Alfie to look at other subjects such as family life, growing-up and friendship.

This is another fast-paced read and will delight Alfie Jones fans new and old.

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Book Review: Alfie Jones and an uncertain future by David Fuller

The fourth instalment of the Alfie Jones series opens with the central character scanning the table of the Middleton District Youth League Division 2. With three games to go in the season, Alfie’s team, the Kingsway Colts are bottom of the league.

With two of their best players, Billy and Hayden having left to play for the local professional club’s Academy – and others of the current Colts’ squad uncertain about whether they will stay with the club after this season – Alfie is worried that his dream of becoming a professional footballer is seriously under threat.

Those frantic last three games for the Colts’ are packed into 169 pages of another fast paced winner from author David Fuller. The tension lasts to the final page and readers will be hooked as they find out whether the Colts survive the dreaded drop.

What is also great about this book (and indeed the series) is that Fuller once again shows he understands football at this level and is able to translate this into his writing. He also demonstrates that he knows what makes children ‘tick’, so that Alfie, like many lads his age, whilst football-mad, is a boy who does occasionally get annoyed with his mates and can be prone to sulk and fall-out with his siblings.

Can Kingsway avoid relegation? Will Alfie’s dream of playing professional football be kept alive?

Prepare for some twists and turns in another excellent book of the Alfie Jones adventures.


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Book Review: Alfie Jones and the Missing Link by David Fuller

This is the third instalment in the series following on from, Alfie Jones and a change of fortune and Alfie Jones and a test of character.

It finds Alfie going to watch his first ‘live’ game at Kingsway United. His excitement and enjoyment of the occasion is disturbed though when arch-rival Jasper Johnson appears on the pitch at half-time. Jasper has become part of the Kingsway United Academy team and Alfie is more than curious as to how his nemesis has come to be selected amongst this select group of players.

Alfie sets out to discover how this has happened and the mystery deepens when the fortune teller, Madam Zola, leaves him with a business card. The solving of this puzzle provides the main thread for the book and it is an engaging storyline which not only looks at youth football, but the professional game.

As with the previous two books, author David Fuller uses his background as football coach to provide a story which has fair play, teamwork, honesty and integrity at the heart of it. His use of introducing descriptions of the training drills and game skills is a good little device in getting across to readers these hints and tips in a fun way.

This book will undoubtedly appeal to children interested in football, but has a strong plot and engaging characters that will ensure it will be enjoyed by a wider audience. Once more the combination of mystery, magic and football is another winning one for David Fuller and Alfie Jones.

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Book Review: A Footballer’s Christmas Carol by David Fuller


It’s Christmas Eve and the hugely rich and successful footballer Jacob Anderson has had yet another enjoyable day making life as miserable as it can possibly be for his much put upon personal assistant Norris Sculley.

However, upon settling down in front of his gigantic television screen later that evening, it soon becomes clear that Jacob’s night is about to take an unsettling turn for the worse.

Visions from the past, present and future cause Jacob to take stock of his life and question whether money, cars and mansions really are as important as he thinks they are.


David Fuller (author of the excellent Alfie Jones series of books) has come up with a Christmas treat on Kindle.

It is a modern twist on “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens, with the Scrooge character replaced by a modern day multi-millionaire footballer, Jacob Anderson.

For those familiar with the Dickens classic, Fuller provides a twenty first setting for the story, which has all the engagement and heart-warming appeal of the Victorian original.

Ghosts, football and Christmas – what more can you want from a festive story!


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Book Review: Alfie Jones and a Change of Fortune by David Fuller

Alfie Jones and a Change of Fortune (RDF publishing) is a first novel by David Fuller which is aimed at football-mad children (aged between 8 and 11). The author has writing experience gleaned from eight years working as a magazine journalist and editor. Away from the world of words, David Fuller is an FA Qualified Coach who puts this skill to use each Saturday at a Soccer School in Brighton and as manager of an Under 10’s team. This mix of skills and knowledge provide the writer with the perfect combination for the writing of this novel.

Before getting onto the content of the book itself, it is worth mentioning the illustrations of Rob Smyth. His drawings are used sparingly within the book, but do provide striking images of the central characters (for instance, Alfie, Madame Zola and Jasper) which help the reader in creating an image of the characters. Smyth also created the cover for the novel, which on first picking up the book does not obviously show that this is a football-based story. The illustration depicts Madame Zola looking into a crystal ball, on which there is a small image of Alfie playing football. It wonderfully compliments the book title, but it is only when you read the back of the book that the football focus of the novel is clear.

“…Alfie Jones loves football and used to enjoy nothing more than playing for his beloved Kingsway Colts alongside his best friends. However, ever since Kingsway’s elderly coach was taken ill and replaced by the father of Archie’s arch-rival, Jasper, playing for the Colts has not proved to be such an enjoyable experience…Yet, just as it seems that Alfie will be left with no other choice but to leave the Colts, he meets a mysterious fortune teller who has some important news for the young boy – if he stays with the Colts he will one day realise his dreams of becoming a professional footballer…But with Kingsway’s new coach and his son both determined to make Alfie’s life as miserable as possible, staying with the Colt’s proves to be easier said than done and Alfie soon finds his desire to fulfil his destiny put to the ultimate test…”

At 162 pages and twenty two chapters, it is a good sized read. Overall, it is an engaging novel with some cracking little twists and turns. The central football storyline has an authentic feel about it and the book is not afraid to reflect some of the issues which are pertinent in junior football today, such as, playing for enjoyment versus winning at all cost, fair-play and the role of parents. There is also some mystery and magic provided in the guise of Madame Zola and gentle humour throughout. The characters are believable and readers will connect with them. All in all a recommended read.

Bring on the next instalment in the Alfie Jones story!