Book Review: Alfie Jones and the big decision by David Fuller

This fifth instalment in the Alfie Jones series finds the central character now aged 12 and starting life at Tideway Secondary School.

As with all the series so far, author David Fuller successfully ensures that each book has a strong storyline in its own right, but also has continuity in terms of backstory and characters such as the magically mysterious Madam Zola and Alfie’s archenemy Jasper Johnson, for those who have read the previous books.

Alfie continues to pursue his dream of being a professional football and in this book is hoping to breakthrough into a professional club’s academy which is the central theme of the story.

In addition, there are other plotlines involving Jasper Johnson and Daisy Saunders, a girl who takes a shine to Alfie.

There is, as ever, more to these books that simply football and the author is able to use Alfie to look at other subjects such as family life, growing-up and friendship.

This is another fast-paced read and will delight Alfie Jones fans new and old.

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